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Need to eat more seafood…

august 27, 2010

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We were at a local seafood shop just north of where we live the other day to shop for dinner. I had a camera with me, as I often have. So I did a few snapshots of this and that while my better half did the shopping. This was noticed by the shop staff, who has now commissioned me for some shots for their new website. Wonderful, since I love doing food photography. I definitely need to eat more seafood…

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I’ve just returned from a 6.000 kilometer roadtrip from Aarhus, dk to the north cape in Norway, through Sweden & Finland. Coming home from a long trip like this always has my head filled with inputs and ideas that need digesting.
This shot is from Langfjorden in the northern most norway, a day or two after we had reached the north cape and turned the car back south again.
Now I feel completely rejuvenated & I am filled with ideas and energy for a new season of work.