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januar 15, 2013

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I am very proud to showcase this app for WWF, for which I produced & contributed some images in cooperation with the nice folks at the AKQA Washington office, who made a beautiful iPad app. It is called WWF Together and is online now. A few of the images that I shot for the app can be seen here.

With the app, you can interact and learn more about some of the worlds most amazing and unfortunately endangered species. Some of my animal portraits are used to represent the various species.

To learn more, watch the video, read more on WWF’s own site, or download the app from the link below.

Book release…

november 14, 2011

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Thursday the 17th of november this week, the book FRI og RIG (danish for Free & Rich) will be released for sale.

It’s a book about entrepreneurship, with insights from 12 successful danish entrepreneurs, aimed at those seeking inspiration for their own life.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the production of the book and to meet & portray DJ Morten Breum, Jesper Buch, the founder of JustEat, Solveig Eike of Plasticfantastic, Jens Kristian Andersen of Eventdispense, Signe Møller of 100% To the Children, Christina Hembo from Christina Watches, Naja Munthe, cofounder of Muntheplussimonsen, Jesper Øhlenslæger who founded M2 Huse, Sofia Manning, artist Maria Rubinke and David Fellah from Designit.

See the portraits I did for the book here. The book can be bought here from the 17th.

Thank you tweets…

marts 30, 2011

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This week has completely overwhelmed me with the attention my animal portraits has gotten since monday morning. I was contacted via twitter by THEINSPIRATION.COM, who wanted to feature my pictures on their blog. After that, I have been featured on a number of photography and design blogs, in addition to receiving mails from all over the world about the project. A huge thank you goes out to Daniel at THEINSPIRATION.COM and my other twitter followers for making my work available for so many more than I would have ever reached on my own. In response to all the attention, I have put 4 additional shots up here. More will follow them this spring.


februar 15, 2011

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Journalist Mette Husted

I had a friend visiting the studio today for a quick test of some lighting for an assignment I might be doing later. Despite only having 14 degrees centigrade in the studio, we managed to come up with something we both liked. Above is one of the shots from today, almost straight out of the camera.

I shot a writer yesterday…

november 24, 2010

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with LG Jensen, author of “Milkyway Meat – Sandæmonen” & “Ulvebrigaden“.
We went to a burnt out factory building in a suburb of Aarhus, to do a series of portraits in the mood of his writing style. The shot above is the first of the finished portraits.
To see more about LG, look at his Facebook fanpage.