About Morten

A good photo tells a story. Perhaps your personal story of all the experiences that has made you who you are. It can be about your specific business and what makes it interesting to the outside world. Or a narrative that causes your target audience to stop, reflect, and change their attitude or behavior.

I am a photographer and a storyteller. For the past 15 years I have created stories visually for a large number of customers both in Denmark and abroad – among others:

Adweek Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, World Wildlife Foundation, AKQA, Siemens, Colorado University, VOLA, Munthe, SE Southern Energy, Makeable, Aarhus University, Won Won, Associated Press, TDC, Kunde & Co, KMD, Employers, Macmann Berg, MediaWorkers, Makeable, IBM, Telus Canada & Zenvo Automotive.


Nordic minimalism in symbiosis with a great idea

My images often have a Nordic, minimalist expression, which makes the subject matter appear as clear and focused as possible. However, the best results for visual storytelling are often created when there is room to experiment along the way.

Good visuals grows from a strong idea – and inspiration sets in at any time. For example, during a visit to your production hall, over a communal lunch in the canteen or at the exact moment when the light falls perfectly through the window at the office.

Take a look at my portfolio and let your inspiration flow – and together we will find the right expression for your particular project.


Want to hear more?

You are more than welcome to contact me for a non-committal talk about the possibility of a collaboration.

I offer a high degree of flexibility – both in terms of the task type, but also in relation to working with short deadlines or outside office hours.

See more of my work in the galleries, or get in touch on [email protected]

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