Animal photography

There is something particularly appealing in the world of animals. It is filled with beautiful, colorful, strong, special and majestic creatures that in many ways remind us of human traits.

When you look at animals, you often attribute them some kind of personality. The monkey looks like an old grumpy man, and the lion looks wildly cunning. Recognizable features that allow us to identify with the animials.

Playing with these expressions behind the lens is extremely fascinating when working with animal photography.

Animal photography is an important personal project

I have always been very interested in nature – and animal photography is therefore primarily a heart project. Some of my works are sold as limited edition prints on request, and my dream is to publish a photo book while using the project as a vehicle to support related causes along the way.

Over the years, I have gained great experience in photographing animals – both for commercial campaigns as well as for NGOs and non-profit organizations.

The tasks are primarily abroad, where I have photographed for Telus Canada, the University of Colorado, the World Wildlife Foundation and Hahnemühle amongst others.


Everything is done on the animals' terms

It is always a very special and challenging experience to take a good animal portrait. The animals are usually not tame and therefore cannot be instructed to pose in certain ways.

As an animal photographer you often have to wait a long time to catch the right moment. In addition, you have to be stubborn and have the will to experiment so you can find different ways to motivate the animal to play along during the shooting. The practice is also getting a natural-looking result on the final image.

It is far from all animals that are suitable for professional photography. There is always a great research task associated with finding the right animal for a photo assignment. I have a large network that helps lift this task so that we can best match your wishes.


Need an experienced animal photographer?

You are always welcome to contact me for a talk about the possibility of collaborating on tasks involving animal photography.

See more of my animal work in the gallery, or get in touch on [email protected]

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