Video works. Often, as a company or organization, you need to show in a very short time who you are and what you are doing. Video can, like no other medium, tell razor-sharp, engaging stories – and good stories have a greater chance of being remembered. In fact video is one of the strongest tools you can grab if you want your audience to engage.

The amount of video content on the web – especially on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – has grown explosively over the past few years. Whether the genre is news, advertising or video about a cat, the trend is clear: The recipients love video – and engage in the content by liking, sharing and commenting.

Show it don’t tell it

A professional video production can be the first step towards new customers or employees.

Maybe you need a product video that can create visibility around the company and sell your products in a powerful way? Or maybe you want a profile video that shows the organizations identity, boosts your employer branding  and tells the story of why it’s great place to work?

Regardless of the type of video production you need, based on my broad experience, I can assemble a solution that suits you.

Complex video productions resolved effectively and professionally

It is crucial for a good result that we spend time in advance talking through all the phases of  the video production.

It ensures that we get a common understanding of the expression of the video production and can decide on which locations it should be filmed and which persons should participate. Based on this, I can – for example, in collaboration with your communication and marketing department or your advertising agency – plan the production so that we ensure a process that is as efficient as possible.

Production is done in collaboration with my regular partner Lützen film. Our service also includes the finishing touches such as finding the right music, producing voice over and text.


Do you want me to produce your next video?

You are always welcome to contact me for a non-committal talk about a possible collaboration on your next video production.

See more of my animal work in the gallery, or get in touch on [email protected]

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