Industrial photography

Your customers do not choose your business solely because of products and prices, but also because of its brand. And the brand is, among other things, supported by the images of the company, which the outside world meets on its website, on social media, in campaign materials and everywhere else.

Professional environmental images should profile your business, organization or cause by capturing its identity and supporting the story you want to tell. It requires a photographer who understands the company and its messages and who can turn them into beautiful images.

Life style images unfolds the meaningful story about you

Any business can be depicted in an infinite number of ways. Perhaps it is cool images of hard-working people in the production hall that presents your story best? Maybe you have an inspiring office environment, where it is obvious to take nice images of your employees in natural work situations? Perhaps you always eat lunch on a beautiful green spot and want to capture the good atmosphere?

It takes both creativity and analytical sense to find the right combination of image style, motif, perspective and location. I possess both qualities and have over the years solved profiling tasks for a large number of very different customers.

Naturally occurring situations create the great life style images

The task always begins with a thorough, clarifying talk about your company and its DNA before we start talking images. Perhaps you have a crystal clear brief that must be followed, or maybe it is a more open task, where we discuss how to reach the right solution. No matter what, I can provide reliable and professional advice on all aspects, if needed.

Then I explore your company with my camera and my curiosity. The best images are usually the ones where your employees do not discover  that they are being photographed. Therefore, I always try to be a fly on the wall. But it also happens that I put on the instructor cap and help create the situation that best visualizes your story.


Should I take your next life style images?

You are always welcome to contact me for a non-committal talk about the possibility of a collaboration on your next life style images.

See more of my animal work in the gallery, or get in touch on [email protected]

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