For most companies, people are their greatest valuable commodity, and the value lies both in their competencies and their personality. Therefore, a good business portrait should unfold both the story of the professional person and let the personality shine through.

I have a great deal of experience in ensuring that balance. Through creating a professional expression that matches the company’s brand, regardless of whether the person in focus wears a habit or boiler suit. And by catching the firm/steady look, the natural smile or the trustworthy appearance that tells you that here is someone you want to do business with.

The surroundings tell their part of the story

A business headshot is more than just a portrait. The surroundings – the subject’s context – also contribute to the story and together it makes both the key figure and the company appear as appealing as possible to the target audience.

I would like to take all the necessary extra steps – or even kilometers – to find the right environmental setting for the portrait. It can be an office environment, a production hall, outdoors in nature or whatever fits the story that the portrait is supposed to  tell.

Being portrayed needs to be a good experience

It is my experience that your business portrait will be best when you completely forget that you are standing in front of a camera. Which is why I always make an effort to make you feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The key words are good chemistry and mutual trust.

There are many people who does not like to be photographed, but even if you feel that way, you will usually relax and act comfortable in front of the camera if you are talking about something you are passionate about. Thus, my main tool – in addition to the camera – is my curiosity and my ability to talk to all types of people about what interests them the most.

It is YOUR headshot

I have a strong opinion as to what makes a good business portrait and many years of experience creating them. Therefore, you can expect reliable and professional advice on all aspects of the task.

I also have great respect for your opinion, and I know that my task is solved only when you are satisfied with the result. Hence, of course I listen to your wishes so you have the opportunity to characterize the images during the process. It also makes the selection of the final images a much better experience.

Do you want me to do your next environmental portraits?

You are always welcome to contact me for a non-committal talk about the possibility of collaborating on your next business portrait.

See more of my portrait photography in the gallery, or get in touch on [email protected]

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